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Starting January 1, 2024 the Ohio SCRC Chapters are implementing an Activity and Mileage program in order to better monitor chapter activity and stimulate participation in chapter events. Chapters have the ability to win awards based on the number and length of activities, and members have the ability to gain recognition for the number of miles and number of events they are participating in.

While there are many different possible ways to consider the mileage a member has ridden, the goals of this program are:

1 - Encourage chapters to have organized events and rides.
2 - Encourage members to participate in the aforementioned events and rides
3 - Develop the experience and comfort level of members while riding in groups.

To that end, miles ridden outside of SCRC organized events and rides does not count towards the milestones defined here. This program does not prevent chapters from running their own mileage related programs using other criteria.

Activity Reports

Scheduled chapter events which do not include riding should be reported as a chapter activity. These would include chapter meetings, meet and greet events, parties and other similar events. To report a chapter activity, . Future plans for the state website include a means to enter such activity reports online. The activity report should be submitted by a chapter officer, the event coordinator or some other person designated by the chapter officers. Activity reports should include the date of the event, length of the event and the names of the members and any guests in attendance. Activity reports should be submitted within 14 days of the event or risk not being included in the program.

Ride Reports

Scheduled chapter events which do include riding should be submitted as a Ride Report. The information in the Ride Report should include the name of the Ride Captain, length of the ride, members attending, names of any guests and general area or destination. It is important to note that a Ride Report must be submitted which corresponds to any claimed mileage by members in order for the mileage to be counted toward the mileage awards. Future plans for the state website include a means to enter such ride reports online. Ride reports should be submitted within 14 days of the ride or risk not being included in the program.

In order for a ride to be eligible for inclusion in the program, the following requirements must be met:

- Ride must be open to at least all members of an SCRC chapter (Open to ALL SCRC members is preferred)
- Ride must be posted to the chapter's typical method of announcing rides at least 12 hours in advance
- At least two registered SCRC members must participate in the ride.

Member Mileage

The Member Mileage program tracks the mileage members ride during SCRC events. Each member should plan to record their starting and ending mileage for SCRC Rides and report those by email or text. Future plans for the state website include a means to enter such mileage reports online. Data on number of rides, miles traveled and other statistics will be available on the state website by chapter. To claim mileage, members must have ridden (or been a passenger) on their motorcycle. Trailered mileage does not count for the purposes of this program

Members earn recognition at the following milestones:
  • 1000 miles
  • 2500 miles
  • 5000 miles
  • 10,000 miles
  • 15,000 miles
  • 20,000 miles
  • 25,000 miles
  • 30,000 miles and at intervals of 10,000 miles above 30,000

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