Mark Bamberger promoted to 044’s First Officer

Former Second Officer of the Flyin’ 44th, Mark Bamberger has been promoted to First Officer of the chapter following former First Officer Steve Weigold’s resignation and subsequent appointment to Assistant State Officer for the state of Ohio. Mark had this to say:

Folks, I am happy with my appointment as your new First Officer. I thank Doc Snappy (Steve) for many years of service to the Flyin’ 44th and hope he remains active in the Chapter for years to come.

I do have ideas to put forward. I would like to try:

  1. A Central Calendaring function for Ohio so that the 044th can post and join multi-chapter rides;
  2. Monthly “meetings”, right now using Zoom for safety but later on in-person over dinner (what day of the week and time work best for you?); and
  3. Requests that each active member bring in another member or two each year so we can grow the 44th. I have spoken to other FOs and SOs and this how they have successfully grown their chapters;

We already have a number of exciting rides on the calendar for 2021. I posted those on FB and also sent them over our email to each of you. Some include:

  1. April 17th Spring Wolf Creek Ride (Rain Date is April 18th);
  2. May 16th, SCRC112 Joint Unusual Junction Ride from Columbus, OH;
  3. June 5, SCRC044 Multi-Chapter Breast Wishes Charity Ride from Pitsburg, OH;
  4. June 18-27, SCRC145 Joint Smokies Trip;
  5. July 18, SCRC344 Joint Hocking Hills Ride;
  6. July 22-25, IN State Rally, Plainfield, IN;
  7. August 8, SCRC112 Joint Dogwood Pass Ride from Columbus, OH;
  8. August 21-22, Indy Miracle Ride;
  9. August 26-29, KY State Rally, Lexington, KY;
  10. September 12, SCRC112 Joint Triple Nickel Ride;
  11. September 23-26, SCRC National Rally, Gulfport, MS; and
  12. October 24, SCRC044 Joint Fall Wolf Creek Ride.

Please help me grow the 44th with your energy, ideas, and friends…all of good will are welcome! I seriously want to hear your ideas to make this venture of ours fun and satisfying.